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2005: The Minneapolis Quagmire - year end roundup

Rambix and the Red Star was born on April 26th, 2005, in response to a growing, but under-reported crime wave in Minneapolis. Minnesota's largest newspaper, the Red Star (aka Minneapolis Star Tribune) had been, either through neglect, incompetence, or some multiculturalist paradigm, suppressing news of a spate of Uptown, Minneapolis robberies.

When the Red Star finally reported the robberies, the story was all but buried on the back pages. Furthermore, and most frustrating for good citizens of the area, the suspect descriptions were censored.

The Red Star's likely motivation was twofold: 1) The robbers were minorities, and thus must be protected by the good socialists of the Red Star, lest readers might minorities might sometimes commit crimes, and 2) An admission of a violent crime wave in a very heavily traveled and popular part of Minneapolis would be an admission that the liberals who control every aspect of the city have utterly failed in their first duty - to protect the citizenry.

How can one protect oneself if you have no idea what you're looking for?

The liberal power structure of Minneapolis, including Mayor Ryback and the dysfunctional City Council, in conjunction with Hennepin County Attorney Amy Klobuchar, will blame underfunding of the police, and so on. To some extent that may be true, but they need to look in the mirror for the solution to that issue. The city has a "priority spending" problem; putting tax dollars into nonsensical projects and programs at the expense of police funding.

But police funding is not the only, or even the greatest, problem. The bigger problem is still priorities; not monetary priorities, but social priorities. The socialists tend to criminal's wants and needs before those of the good citizens. They provide "safe harbor" for illegal immigrants, criminals or not. They make it easy and attractive for the worst elements of other states to come to Minnesota and bring their criminal ways with them.

In other words, Minneapolis is an upside-down, dysfunctional coccoon of liberal foolishness, where criminals thrive and good people suffer.

Here's Rambix' inaugural post, from April 26th, 2005. The Red Star tells us to be on the lookout for "Three young men" wanted for robbing a dozen people in the Uptown area of Minneapolis: "Be on the lookout for "three young men":
According to the Minneapolis newspaper of record (aka Strib, Red Star, Star & Sickle, or the corporate name Star Tribune), "three young men" are suspected of robbing more than a dozen people in the Uptown, Minneapolis area in the past three weeks. As locals know, the Uptown area is a major urban entertainment destination for all sorts of people from the city and the suburbs. Should be a page one story, above the fold? Not for the Red Star! Try "B" section, near the back. [Continued]
Some of the MSM has been decent about reporting on the Minneapolis Quagmire throughout the year. The most widely distributed printed media source, the Red Star, has not. They have utterly failed in keeping the public apprised of lurking dangers. Some of the better news sources have been media web sites: KSTP Channel 5 News, WCCO Channel 4 News, and local papers like the Southwest Journal or the University of Minnesota's Minnesota Daily.

The purpose of Rambix and the Red Star is to aggregate the heavily filtered news, sort out the wheat from the chaff, and present a comprehensive picture of facts and trends. The upshot is that the average citizen who reads a paper occasionally, watches the news every so often, and surfs the web now and then, probably would not be aware of the Minneapolis Quagmire of Crime in 2005.

Authorities have downplayed the crime, and assure us that all is well. Rambix will let the readers decide if all is well. Please take the opportunity to scan this select look-back of Minneapolis and metro crime and the Red Star, MSM, and leftist politician's attempts to suppress or diminish violent crime news from 2005, and decide for yourself if there is a problem.

A fair number of these examples most likely went under the radar of the general public, despite the fact that they were in the potential victim group. But fear not, you were only at risk if you were visiting Uptown, using Minneapolis bike paths, working downtown, visiting Block E, or crossing the borders into Minneapolis or St. Paul:

APRIL 2005

Be on the lookout for "three young men"

Politically correct photography...

Uptown violence explodes, Strib gives clues

Today the Strib found itself reluctantly obligated to report the upsurge in armed robberies of persons in the Uptown Minneapolis area, which have escalated from "simple" armed robberies to shots fired and physical injury. Try as they might to suppress it, word is getting out in other media outlets, and, always the follower, the Strib prints an update - in the "B" section...
MAY 2005

Uptown thugs bagged; Red Star fined for malpractice

Ok, no fines for the Red Star...yet. The Strib reports the capture of the Uptown crime-wave, as represented by four juvenile killer-criminal-wanna-be's. While good people were working, earning money, taking care of the community, attending worship services, and enjoying life, these products of secular culture were out robbin' and hurtin'. You'll pull out whatever hair you might have left after you read the end of the WCCO website report...
The Uptown crime wave and the PC trifecta

Murderapolis redux?

For want of a clue...

Attention, Red Star: What happened to the Uptown thugs?

Spike in violent crime in Minneapolis?

Were the gates to the zoo left open recently? It seems the animals are running wild in Minneapolis. Violent crime in Minneapolis is seemingly out of control, but you have to have an eagle eye to find a lot of it in the Red Star...
Another daytime attack in Minneapolis - Red Star buries report

There is yet another daytime attack of a woman in Minneapolis, this time on the ill-conceived "Greenway", which is essentially a trench that runs through the heart of the city along railroad tracks. We all know what kind of citizens frequent railroad lines. Its an crime waiting to happen.

In this case, a jogger is attacked; another example of how Minneapolis criminals are terrorizing normal people. Thsi happened at 10am on a Sunday morning. Why isn't this front page news? Get control of your city, boy-Mayor!
Ryback's Minneapolis - The beatings will continue until morale improves

JUNE 2005

Felon lovin' Red Star economics correspondent?

Update: Spike in violent crime in Minneapolis?

Another violent crime in Minneapolis committed in a popular entertainment area: a woman is raped, kidnapped, stabbed in the St. Anthony Main area. Consistent with the theme Rambix has identified of a disturbing shift from gang-on-gang type violent crime, to crimes committed against "you and me", in popular and populated areas such as Uptown, downtown, and now the nightlife area of St. Anthony Main (see prior post of 5/21/05, titled "Spike in violent crime in Minneapolis?". In other words, nowhere is safe in Minneapolis...
Pioneer Press confirms Minneapolis crime spike

Uptown Crime Wave Continues - Rape This Time

Rambix has documented over the past several months the ongoing "spike", epidemic, avalanche of crime in Minneapolis, particularly in the Uptown area. Now we learn (if we look hard enough to find the 3" column on page B2 in the Red Star Metro section) of a stranger rape at knifepoint in Uptown...
Here We Go Again - You Didn't Read This In The Red Star Today

***Evidence that Red Star Suppresses Suspect Info - Public at Risk?***

More prime time crime in Minneapolis

Who's watching the store? Another Minneapolis murder

Red Star shorting on good reporting; Rambix digs

JULY 2005

Even a blind squirrel finds a nut every now and then...

Minneapolis only wants criminals to have guns

Minnesota homosexual pedophile arrested

Chief McManus and mayor Ryback read Rambix!

Downtown Minneapolis crime - some offended by stats
...If police are out arresting those folks who choose criminal behavior, and if 70% of those same people are black, isn't the issue the high rate of criminal behavior among blacks in the given area? The concern over the high number of black arrests in this case should result in introspection in the black community over the anti-social behavior of such a large percentage of blacks proportional to their representation in the downtown Minneapolis area, not how many blacks the police "choose" to arrest.

Facts are facts. When the police are under the microscope, as they are, all they want to do is arrest the criminals. If the criminals turn out to be a large part of one racial makeup or another, then we shouldn't in the least insinuate that it has anything to do with the choices the police make as to who to arrest, which is what the Red Star is doing - and we'll tell you the reason...
Pickin' & grinnin' in liberalville

Minneapolis crime update (You won't see this in the Red Star)

Judical watch

We invite you in our country, and this is how you behave

Minneapolis crime redux

How to generate liberal hate mail (Katherine Kersten opinion piece)

Southwest (Minneapolis) Journal reports Minneapolis crime spike

The Red Star does report crime, but in many cases does so in an oblique way. Some of the favored techniques used by the Red Star when reporting crime include: suppressing characteristics of the criminals, most often by omitting the race descriptive; minimizing or excusing criminal behavior through word choice, narrative techniques, and omission of pertinent facts or background information; and the use or non-use of photos, depending on the criminal involved. A photo of a black suspect is typically supressed unless the article is about a high-profile crime, in which case the photo may be smaller than expected, and so on.

Rambix has discovered that reporting of crimes that may affect a substantial part of the local community can be found in alternate publications, such as the Southwest Journal of Minneapolis.
Speaking of crime spike...

Minneapolis crimewatch follow-up

Minnesota Democrat criminal list grows

***A good man dies in the north side of Minneapolis***


Follow up on 7/31/05 robbery post

That warm and fuzzy feeling

Isn't it obvious?

Respect for authority?

***Can't be true - the Uptown robbers are back***

Fox 9 News appears to be the first media outlet to report that the Uptown (Minneapolis) robbers are back. The very crimes that were suppressed in the media so long, especially the Red Star, were the 20+ Uptown robberies in mid to late spring of 2005. The Red Star buried the story for as long as they could, and when they could no longer supress the news, it only made it to the "B", or Metro, section of the paper.
Minneapolis Police send alert for Uptown robberies

A fool's analysis

Red Star reports yet another heinous Minneapolis crime

***Red Star suppresses crime info related to premier restaurant closing***

Powerline dissects the dysfunction of Minneapolis

Crime spree continues in Minneapolis

More violent crime in south Minneapolis

***Exploding crime***

The Minneapolis crime spiral

Strap on the Kevlar and visit scenic Minneapolis!


Minneapolis criminals claim another victim

Minneapolis has become the kind of city where a guy can be out doing his job, in the middle of the day, minding his own business, and nearly lose his life to a northside Minneapolis criminal. The latest incident happened at noon on Tuesday, a balmy late summer day...
Jail's full, as it should be

MDE posts on Minneapolis crime and mayor Ryback

Minneapolis violent crime & reward money

Murder in Minneapolis

Minneapolis stranger rape - the mayhem continues

St. Paul emulates Minneapolis

Local comedian and Minneapolis crime

Comedian Louie Anderson is having second thoughts about opening a comedy
club in downtown Minneapolis because he said the area seems "dangerous."

Anderson, a native Minnesotan, was a guest on the KQ in the morning show when he made the comments. He visited the site of the would be club at night and became concerned.

"I don't think people are going to come down here to a comedy club, you know, when it's a two stab minimum," said Anderson.

News of interest

Minneapolis crime update - rape suspect

Minneapolis rape suspect bagged

Gettin' medieval

***Minneapolis - the Fallujah of the west***

We know that crime occurs all the time on the north side and the Phillips neighborhood in general. What people should be aware of is that the previously insulated folks in southwest Minneapolis (where the middle to upper middle class, mostly white live) are being targeted with personal violence at an alarming rate. Yes, murders are down citywide, but robberies, rapes, and other violent crimes are up. And they are shifting toward previously safe areas.

Following are some recent cases in point (and by the way, you won't read these in the Red Star)...
Isn't this interesting?

All crime, all the time

Justice, Minnesota style

Crime update, gun shops, societal flotsam

Hennepin County rotating door "justice"


***Violence continues to plague Minneapolis***

Thomas Dahl was a married man, with a daughter, 12, and a son, 6. He received the death penalty Saturday for visiting mayor Ryback's Minneapolis: "Suspects sought in man's beating death".

Mr. Dahl is actually in good company, because a lot of normal folks have been raped, mugged, killed, or worse in Minneapolis this year.
Incredible, but true

Another good man dies in Minneapolis violence

Gunpoint robberies on Univ. of Minnesota campus

Update on Univ. of Minnesota robberies

Mayor Ryback owns the crime

Minneapolis crime watch

***More Uptown Minneapolis crime***

***Red Alert - Uptown Minneapolis crime escalating***

***Uptown violence explodes (again)***

Another Uptown robbery

***ALERT - Man beaten at Lake Harriet, Minneapolis***

Local (Minneapolis) residents know that the jewels of the city are the 3-lake chain of Lake Calhoun, Lake of the Isles, and Lake Harriet, with their walking paths, bike paths, and parkland. Lake Calhoun attracts a younger, somewhat wilder crowd, but the most trouble you might find is property crime - thefts from vehicles and the like. Lake of the Isles is quiet and more residential.

Lake Harriet has generally been considered the crown jewel of the three. Like the others, it's often crowded with families, and joggers, and walkers, and so on. It's very highly regarded. Lake Harriet was also considered the safest of the 3 primary lakes, with very little trouble.

Until now...
Armed robberies surge at University of Minnesota

Minneapolis crime - It's a Quagmire!

Red Star reports more Minneapolis robberies

Liberals solve violent crime problem


Univ of Minnesota police takedown robbers

Doug Grow discovers crime in Minneapolis

***Minneapolis mayor & Red Star respond***

Minneapolis Quagmire crime stats

***Minneapolis smash-and-grabs, double murder, University conceal and carry***

***Shootout at Block E, Minneapolis***

Crime beat

Block E patrons - Can we bring Moby Dick's back?

Bullets fly in North Minneapolis

***Southwest Journal discovers the Lake Harriet mugging ***

On 11/22/05, Rambix reported on the Lake Harriet, Minneapolis, savage beat-down of an innocent park user which happened on 11/17/05. The local Southwest Minneapolis newspaper, the Southwest Journal, just now reports the story in its 12/16/05 edition. As is typical, the Red Star has yet to discover the news...
Have you seen this in the Red Star?

Minneapolis: "Worrisome jump in crime rates"

Sergeant Kaju on Minneapolis crime

Even some liberals are hip to Minneapolis violence

Minneapolis crime stats on Republican Minnesota

Cars and murder

North Side Minneapolis robbery crime alert

***St. Paul bus stop beating - haven't we been here before?***

Shots ring out in Minneapolis

Crime doesn't take a holiday

How low can you go?

Upper midwest "wilding"?

***Minneapolis robberies off the charts***

Minneapolis "serious" crime up 13%