Friday, December 23, 2005

Shots ring out in Minneapolis

Patrons of Wendys on Lake St. in Minneapolis celebrate the pre-Christmas hours Minneapolis-style; the Red Star reports:

Two people were shot Thursday night in Minneapolis after one or more suspects fired several rounds from a semiautomatic weapon into a Wendy's restaurant on the 200 block of W. Lake Street.

Guns and gangs rule the streets in South Minneapolis along Lake Street. Most folks just want to survive and get home safely at night, but the bad elements come from far and wide to make things very uncomfortable. Just pray you're not sitting next to some homie at Wendys who is a target of a gang hit.

This shooting may not have been random, according to the Red Star:

It is unclear how many shooters there were or whether the victims were their intended targets, though it did appear that the shooting was not random, Reinhardt said.

[Photo courtesy CBS/WCCO]

The criminals are at large at the time of this posting.

WCCO Channel 4 also weighs in.