Wednesday, December 21, 2005

North Side Minneapolis robbery crime alert

The Minneapolis Police have issued a crime alert for some North Side neighborhoods in Minneapolis. As you may know, the North side is infested with crime and gangsters, and all sorts of social ills. So when the police issue a crime alert, it's probably bad:

Cleveland, Folwell, Hawthorne, Jordan and McKinley Neighborhoods (12-15-2005)

Since November 1, there has been a substantial increase in robberies reported in Sector 2 of the 4th Precinct. Although there have been arrests in some of the robberies, the incidents continued to occur. The robberies have been occurring at all hours during the day and night. Suspect descriptions vary and involve one or more suspects.

In the majority of the incidents, suspect(s) threatened victim(s) with a gun, or a knife was used. Some of the victims were just outside their homes at the time of the robbery. Suspects wore ski masks in several of the robberies. In all the robberies, suspect(s) demanded the victims' purses, wallets, money and/or cell phones.

Suspect information:
There is more than one suspect and information is limited and general. If you have any information on these robberies, please call 4th Precinct Investigations at

[ed. - Remember Rambix' theory - when it's obvious there are suspect descriptions, but it's not printed in the MSM, it involves black males.]

What you can do:

Call 911 immediately if you see anything suspicious. Be extra cautious about your surroundings. Be aware of strangers loitering in your area or near you.

Stay away from isolated, dark areas such as alley ways. Be visible.

Light up your property! It's not that expensive and the lighting eliminates any hiding places especially around your garage.

Avoid carrying large amount of cash or other valuables. Be observant of your surroundings when using cash machines (ATMs). If anyone is loitering around the ATM, don't use it. Go to another one or come back later.

Keep your wallet in an inside or front pocket. Most suspects have been asking for the victim's wallet and then leave the scene. It would be wise not to carry all of your valuables in your wallet. Women, consider not carrying a purse but if you do, keep it next to your body with the flap or clasp toward you.

Avoid going out alone. If possible walk with a friend. Two people together are much less likely to be targeted than one person.

If someone is following you, turn around and look at your attacker. This gives you time to think and lets the person know that you are aware of them. Walk to the nearest public place where there are other people.

If you are a victim of a robbery, don't argue or fight with the robber. You are more likely to be injured if you resist.

If you are a victim of a robbery, report it immediately by calling 911. Try to remember as much as possible about the suspect(s).

They accidentally forgot the most important tip: Arm yourself with a large weapon and strap on your Kevlar.