Monday, December 19, 2005

Sergeant Kaju on Minneapolis crime

If you don't believe Rambix, here's one from the front lines in this commentary piece in the Red Star by retired sergeant Jim Kaju:

The statistics do not lie. Minneapolis citizens continue to vote for people who do not care about public safety. The Minneapolis Police Department spends more time on paperwork to justify hitting someone, establishing a policy on when to hit someone, and having weekly meetings on statistics with more than 50 cops in attendance on why someone got hit.

Police work is not that difficult. The cops are supposed to stop the bad guys. I never got a complaint in my entire career; I just did it with a smile and said, Thank you, you're now going to jail.

Best Buy, your store will be robbed, assaults will take place, and most of all you will lose money due to a lack of support and the incompetence of the city of Minneapolis. That is a guarantee with no restocking fee.
Rambix couln't have said it better.