Friday, December 16, 2005

Southwest Journal discovers the Lake Harriet mugging

On 11/22/05, Rambix reported on the Lake Harriet, Minneapolis, savage beat-down of an innocent park user which happened on 11/17/05. The local Southwest Minneapolis newspaper, the Southwest Journal, just now reports the story in its 12/16/05 edition. As is typical, the Red Star has yet to discover the news.

Here's Rambix' original post: "ALERT - Man beaten at Lake Harriet, Minneapolis"

Here's the Southwest Journal story: "Mugging near Lake Harriet unnerves residents" [ed - I'll bet it does!]

By Sarah McKenzie

Violent attacks in park areas very rare Minneapolis park officials say they are taking steps to improve safety near Lake Harriet after three teens reportedly assaulted a 57-year-old man near the Bandshell late November.

Park Police are stepping up patrols, clearing buckthorn in the area and working with the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board officials on improving lighting along the lake's pedestrian paths, said Brad Johnson, park police chief.

Liberals really have no idea what to do with crime. Should we install lighting? Should we raise taxes? How about midnight basketball? The conservative answer, of course, is simply to upgrade your weapon of choice.

Park Board Superintendent Jon Gurban said city officials are hoping Tillemans' attack was an “isolated” incident.

Three teens approached Tillemans from behind and attacked him near the Bandshell at 8:10 p.m., Johnson said.

The teens looked for money, but Tillemans told him he didn't have any on him. He was thrown to the ground and suffered a broken left femur. He has been recovering
from his injuries at home.

Tillemans did not get a good look at his attackers and hasn't been able to provide police with detailed descriptions, Johnson said.

The assailants have been described as three teen-age males, two white and one black. They appeared to be 14 to 18 years old, he said.
These animals must not be allowed to continue to roam freely. A real mayor and police chief would throw a lot of resources at this crime, not only because justice delayed is justice denied, but the chain of lakes in Minneapolis is a huge visitor and tourist draw. And if the mayor isn't interested in justice, we know he's interested in money - those vistors and tourists spend money in the city.

Meanwhile, the liberals want to install lights:

The Park Board has endorsed a new light fixture for the parkways but is waiting on approval from city officials, he said.
That'll scare 'em.