Thursday, December 15, 2005

Ford capitulates to homosexual lobby

Ford folded like a house of cards in the face of pressure from homosexual interest groups, and will reinstate their advertising targeted to homosexuals, "Ford resumes ads in gay publications".
WASHINGTON (AP) - Ford Motor Co. said Wednesday it would reinstate and expand the scope of its advertising in gay publications after criticism from gay rights groups.
The decision to remove the ads lasted about a week. Talk about the courage of conviction!

Last week, Ford had said it would no longer advertise its luxury vehicles in several gay publications, citing a need to reduce its marketing costs across the board.

Gay groups asked Ford to restore the advertising - and suggested a connection between the cutback and pressure from conservative groups. Ford said there was no connection.

In late November, the American Family Association had canceled a boycott of Ford vehicles, which had been announced in May when the organization criticized the nation's No. 2 automaker for making contributions to gay rights groups, offering benefits to same-sex partners and recruiting gay employees.
Expect some blowback from conservative groups, although it's clear which side is calling the shots for Ford.