Monday, December 12, 2005

Crime beat

Hat tip to Tracy at Anti-Strib for the additional Minneapolis crime info, "Alert the Boy-Mayor, we have a crime wave!". It's hard to keep up with everything that is going on in Minneapolis, and apparently the police chief doesn't even try: "Council support of McManus is tepid".

Many City Council members say they barely know McManus.

"He's not around City Hall much so I'm not sure what he's doing," Council Member Scott Benson said. "I think he's got a lot of explaining to do."
Are all cities really this dysfunctional? Remember a previous post on the Minnesota Democrat criminals list? It included several Minneapolis City Criminal Council members, "Minnesota Democrat criminal list grows". Crooks and incompetents are not going to get Minneapolis back on it's feet again.

Then there was the opinion piece of July of 2005, in which Chief McManus and the mayor vowed to crack down on crime, "Chief McManus and mayor Ryback read Rambix!", but we can now grade their effort given the ongoing violence: D-. They're only saved from an "F" because the body count is lower than it was in the mid-1990's. In other words, they have failed miserably. (Ok Gary at KvM, we'll blame Klobuchar too!).

Here's a little snippet from a 6/23/05 Rambix post on McManus:
If the Red Star staff had any moral compass or common sense, they'd be flogging McManus in writing about the egregiously poor job he's done since he's taken the helm. Rambix' 6/12/05 post goes into detail on the curious timing of the crime wave that has coincided with the chief's tenure. McManus isn't wholly responsible, of course, but what is the mission of the chief of police? Is is to celebrate diversity?

"The review found that McManus, who started in February 2004, has improved relations in the community, made himself visible in the neighborhoods and diversified the upper ranks of the department. He also was praised for developing an office of professional standards to improve training and the culture among officers."
Yes, indeed. The violent crime wave has suspiciously coincided with Chief McManus' tenure.

And then there was the Minneapolis Schools Superintendent Peebles debacle (another out-of-stater the libs brought in), "Got Her Mind Right, She Did..."

The libs brought in Peebles to run the schools, and a year or so later, when she was, well, running the schools, the lefties wanted her out of there!

Bob Davis of AM1500 KSTP told a story this morning about going to a movie at Block E recently. This is a guy who will go anywhere, but he said he felt unsafe. There were a lot of closed stores and menacing street people around; not a family-friendly environment.

Has Minneapolis become mini-Detroit?