Monday, December 05, 2005

Indoctrination, thy name is corporate America

As any regular reader knows, Rambix occasionally posts stories involving homosexual and "gay" rights issues. This is not done out of "homophobia", but rather out of alarm over the ever-increasing "gay" rights movement, which is impacting our societal institutions far out of proportion to the actual size of the group. The homosexual agenda has infiltrated the MSM, corporate America, our churches, and all manner of popular culture.

Few argue that homosexual people should have less rights than anyone else. However, there are many people who feel that their values and beliefs are being compromised in so many different facets of their lives. The objections may arise from core values, religious teachings, empirical observations, among other sources. It's difficult in particular when an institution in your life, such as your employer, changes and accepts an agenda that you find unacceptable, yet by virtue of your ongoing employment you must accept.

Here's a real life story, chilling in it's insidiousness: "Kodak fires man over 'gay' stance" .

Would any corporation allow it's employees to "come out" with family values? Or traditional values? Would they have special days or special considerations for such beliefs and values? The answer is: not likely.

Any one of us could be the next Rolf Szabo.