Thursday, December 01, 2005

No program left behind

A complete university, Minnesota must be. Oh, back in the day you used to have your service organizations, student advisory programs, various programs for extra-curricular activities, and so on. These days, things can be a bit different.

Did you know that the University of Minnesota has a GLBT [Gay, Lesbian, something, something] program office, and a new GLBT program director?

Just in case you or your child is a student at the university who has somehow previously missed the onslaught of "gay" indoctrination throughout the MSM, grade school, or television, new GLBT program director Anne Phibbs will be waiting for you/them at the University:

When Anne Phibbs started working at Metropolitan State University 11 years ago, she said the gay-lesbian-bisexual-transgender community wasn’t very developed there.

Since then, Phibbs said, she has worked with students to spread activism on the Metropolitan State campus. She also created the position of director of GLBT student services at the school, a post she has held for the past eight years.

In January, Phibbs will begin her new position as systemwide director of the GLBT programs office at the University.
Who'da thunk they had such programs at university?

Phibbs said she is aware of transgender issues on campus. She is also familiar with concerns about domestic partner benefits that she will face in her new position, she said.

Phibbs said she will also be working to address the issue of harassment and safety and would like to continue to develop and strengthen the sense of community and activism at the University.
So the University has a viable GLBT program, replete with activists. Rambix doesn't necessarily think this group shouldn't exist, but, in fairness, what are the odds that there is a Family Values program on campus?