Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Liberals solve violent crime problem

The liberals in the upscale south Minneapolis neighborhoods around Lake Harriet didn't care so much about the violence in Minneapolis mayor Ryback's Uptown area. They didn't care much about the robberies at the University of Minnesota. They didn't pay much attention to Rambix' reporting the Minneapolis Quagmire. But when the violence hit the socialist cocoon of Southwest Minneapolis and the Lake Harriet area, their spines stiffened and they called a meeting. With the Park Board.

They put their liberal heads together and came up with a solution to stop the violent animals from preying on normal people: The Victim Illumination Project.

Several residents of the nearby communities said safety in the area could be improved with better lighting. "There are some areas right now around the lakes that do not have proper lighting,” said Bob Bayer, Tillman’s employer. The Minneapolis Park Board did vote unanimously in February to install new lights, a plan that was approved by the mayor.However, a member of the city’s traffic committee decided against the plan.

See, if the traffic committee hadn't squelched the plan in February, Lake Harriet would have had its own little Green Zone, and safety would have prevailed.

This kind of thinking from liberals, of course, is what got them into the situation in the first place. This is real head-in-the-sand behavior. What would Rambix do? Glad you asked. This would take a concerted effort from different segments of government and society, but it could be done:

  • Cut off instant welfare and benefits for out-of-state arrivals. At the least institute a one year waiting period. We need to eliminate the large magnet.
  • Employ truth-in-sentencing. There are too many plea deals that put the criminal back on the street in short order, too much supervised release, too much of too little. Criminals should fear going to jail or prison.
  • Expel new felons from the state. If you commit a felony, you go back to where you came from.
  • Crack down on gangs using RICO statutes; involve the Feds as necessary. Expel gang members from the state.
  • Prison time should be spent at hard labor.
  • Zero tolerance for crime in the city. Institute Giuliani's New York City model in Minneapolis.
  • Fast-track criminal court cases. Reallocate funds from liberal pork programs and fund more prosecutors, courts and jails.

This is all a pipe dream, of course, as long as the liberals are in charge. So the hope is that (1) conservatives will take power, (2) liberals tire of getting batted around and grow a spine, or (3) the populace gets tired of the crime and demand action.