Monday, November 28, 2005

Red Star reports more Minneapolis robberies

Sorry, it's only a joke; the Red Star didn't report anything of the sort. The Red Star apparently doesn't have the resources to employ reporters who can dig up stories on a massive crime wave sweeping Minnesota's largest city.

For current information on the Minneapolis Quagmire of violent crime, one needs to go to the smaller local papers, such as the The Minnesota Daily, the campus newspaper of the University of Minnesota: "Recent crime elicits neighborhood response". This paper reports more disturbing news:

Three more robberies last week added to a spree of similar events around campus and have raised concerns among area residents.

When will the populace rise up and demand action from our impotent city "leaders" such as Minneapolis mayor Ryback, and Hennepin County District Attorney Amy Klobuchar?

James De Soto, neighborhood coordinator for Southeast Como Improvement Association, said residents have expressed concern about recent crimes around the University and he is trying to keep them informed.

“People are concerned, and they don’t feel safe anymore,” De Soto said. “And this isn’t acceptable.”
No, they don't feel safe. And for good reason.

“The aggravated nature of these crimes, and seeing weapons, that’s definitely got people concerned,” De Soto said. “The last year and a half has gotten substantially worse.”
Yes, things have gotten much worse. Rambix has compiled copious evidence of the out-of-control Minneapolis violence throughout 2005. Even if you live in a "safe" area on the outskirts of the city of Minneapolis, don't think that criminals aren't mobile. And don't think you won't find yourself in the city for one reason or another at some point. This problem is everyone's problem. We need to crush these outlaws now. Will our leaders lead?