Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Another Uptown robbery

Strap on your Kevlar, holster your Glock, and visit Uptown Minneapolis!

Channel 5 Eyewitness News is the only local news outlet so far to mention yet another Uptown robbery from last night. Meanwhile, Uptown businesses are paying for additional police protection to combat the rat bastards preying on innocent people:

Uptown residents will soon see a more prominent police presence after a series of robberies in the neighborhood, but they won’t be provided by the city. The Uptown Business Association will be paying off-duty, uniformed Minneapolis police officers to patrol the area on foot. The officers will cost the association $15,000.
They certainly need to do something.

Where does the blame lie? Rambix faults the dysfunctional city government, and maybe the police brass, and without question the milquetoast judges in Hennepin County for the mess they've made of a once-fine city. Liberal policies simply don't work, obviously. We have criminal pipelines importing losers from ghettos across America (and the world) just to get a taste of our irrational welfare programs and lenient justice system. Crime is good business in the Minneapolis area when you don't have much fear of consequences.

And Red Star columnists such as Doug Grow, Ruben Rosario, and Nick whatshisname are virtual advertisements for our nanny state, what with crying their eyes out in one column after another over the myriad "injustices" befalling local criminals.

Meanwhile, more good people get victimized:

Just this morning, a woman was robbed around 2 a.m. on 25th and Emerson Aves. South, according to police. She was able to get to SuperAmerica and call police. They got away with her purse and the victim’s face was injured, police said.