Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Mayor Ryback owns the crime

Minneapolis Mayor Ryback has presided over Crime Central for so long, he now owns it lock, stock, and barrel.

Here's yet another example of the declining quality of life in the previously secure 5th Precinct. This, from the Minneapolis Police Safe Unit 11/15/05:

Theft from vehicles continues to occur much too frequently in the 5th Precinct. Last week, 42 of these crimes were reported to police. In the last month, 142 thefts from vehicles occurred! Mostly stereo's, purses and backpacks are being stolen. We are working hard to stop these crimes, with some good arrests, but we need your help as well. Of the recent thefts, many of the vehicles belonged to people visiting the area (at homes, shops, and restaurants) so it is important to remind our guests to not leave any valuables in their cars. Also, keep a watchful eye out for suspicious people walking near parked cars, looking in its windows or trying to open the door handles. This behavior warrants a call to 911!

Please pass this email onto friends and neighbors so that we may see a reduction in these crimes in the 5th Precinct.

A lot of people voted for mayor Ryback in the recent election. Congratulations on your choice.