Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Iraq good news you won't see in the Red Star

Here's a story the Red Star won't print, along with most of the MSM: "Internet Use Spreading Throughout Iraq". They won't print it because it's favorable news, and it would make George Bush look good. Anything that makes George Bush look good is an immediate disqualifier. Obviously.

By BASSEM MROUE, Associated Press WriterMon Nov 14, 5:01 AM ET

A few years ago, Ammar Adnan knew almost nothing about what was going on in the world of karate. But now Adnan, who heads Iraq's karate federation, is in contact with groups across the world, closely following events and championships wherever they occur. It's all because of the Internet cafes — scarce during Saddam Hussein's rule — now spreading throughout Iraq.

Access to the internet is not only a positive sign of progress (think of the necessary infrastructure), it can also be life-changing for the common Iraqi. The internet can expand their world far beyond their borders. They will also be exposed to the American left, who would like nothing more than for the Iraquis to fail, out of their white-hot hatred of George Bush. But they will also be exposed to the millions of clear-thinking folks who want to see their fledgling democracy succeed.

Now that many are enjoying a higher income than under Saddam, thousands of Iraqis regularly pack shops throughout the country to check their e-mail, chat and surf — despite fears that any public place can be attacked.

"I do much of my work on the Internet," said the well-built Adnan, after checking his e-mail Friday at a cafe in eastern Baghdad.
It's incredible what information the MSM shields from us.

Ibrahim Mahamoud, 24, now goes twice a week to an Internet cafe near his house to chat with friends and relatives living abroad.
"I used to speak with my relatives who live abroad once every few months," said Mahamoud, looking back and forth to the screen as he spoke. "Now I can chat with them anytime I want."
Who says there is no hope for democracy in Iraq?