Monday, November 14, 2005

You won't see this in the MSM: French riots continue

French President Jacques Chirac has discovered the cause of the riots: racism. And what would the typial liberal see as a cure? Spend money!

He condemned the "poison" of racism, and announced measures for the training of 50,000 youths in 2007.
While the MSM has virtually called the riots over, for some reason Chirac is going to extend the curfew:

He also confirmed that the government of Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin would ask parliament to extend an emergency law allowing the imposition of curfews in towns across the country.

The president spoke as police and local authorities around France waited anxiously for proof that the prolonged period of violence is coming to an end.

Some 284 cars were burned on Sunday night, down from a peak of over 1,000 a week earlier.
Only 284 cars burned in one night is certainly an improvement. Peace is just around the corner.

France would respond to the violence, Mr Chirac insisted, by staying faithful to the values of the Republic.

He called the rioters "sons and daughters of the Republic", but warned that respect among all French nationals was crucial to the long term strength of the nation.
Sons and daughters of the Republic? You think? They've assimilated quite nicely into the welcoming French culture.

Mr. Chirac, you thought that everything would be ok, as long as the "disaffected youth" were out of sight and out of mind. To your dismay, the festering, seething Muslim underclass has other things in mind. If and when this spate of rioting ends, it will not be the last time. Thrusting jobs and handouts on them won't appease their appetite for a piece of your country. They are 1 in 10 now in France, and growing much faster than the native population. The math is obvious.

Mssr. LePen has also weighed in. We've never understood why LePen has been slurred by the press as "far right". His ideas seem quite sensible in many cases. He might even be considered moderately conservative in the US. In France, however, anything to the right of center is "extreme":

On Monday evening the far-right leader Jean-Marie le Pen led a protest against France's immigration laws.

Addressing a crowd of about 300 National Front supporters he criticised France's immigration policies.

"We let in 10 million foreigners over 30 years - it's wild insanity. No country can handle that invasion," Mr Le Pen said [ed. - apparently the US can! Or not].

He said that France was now "paying the bill" for its "mad and criminal immigration from the Third World."