Thursday, November 10, 2005

Church leaders gather amidst intolerant homosexual proponents

Church leaders, pastors and priests from around Minnesota gathered at Grace Church in Eden Prairie today to formulate a strategy to oppose potential homosexual marriages. "Gay" marriage is not currently legal, but we all know that the liberals own enough judges to overcome DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act). The ultimate protection is a Constitutional Amendment. Texas just became the 19th state to pass such an amendment.

What the homosexual lobby doesn't want you to know is that Americans overwhelmingly favor protecting marriage between one man and one woman. While it is clear that there is greater acceptance generally of alternative lifestyles, the "gay" activists are overreaching with the push for homosexual marriage. They have created backlash, which is evident in the polls.

Today's peaceful gathering was disrupted by a bomb threat, which resulted in the church being evacuated. This is tolerance? Why won't the activists allow diversity of opinion and belief? The credibility of the bomb threat is not clear, but the Red Star played it down in any event. Had there been a bomb threat on a pro-homosexual gathering, you can be sure it would make headlines.

Speakers at the summit urged pastors to use their influence with members of their congregations and to direct pressure on legislators. They heard from two Kansas pastors who worked to pass a gay marriage ban in that state, a movement that eventually led to the ouster of several dozen state lawmakers who opposed the measure.

Pastor Terry Fox of Immanuel Baptist Church in Wichita told the group that pastors in Kansas decided to mobilize when they realized no one else would step up.

"We came to the realization that our culture was going to hell,'' Fox said. "We couldn't even believe we had to have a debate about marriage being between one man and one woman.''
We can't believe it either, Pastor Fox, but we have liberals to thank for the degeneration of our culture.