Monday, November 07, 2005

Muslim riots in France continue unabated

As French officials continue to blame themselves for the actions of the Muslim criminals, the violence spreads unabated. In case you've been reading the MSM and think the problem is being overstated, here's Jean-Christophe Carne, president of Action Police CFTC, a police trade union:

"With every passing day, the violence gets worse and we are incapable of dealing with it," Mr. Carne said. "Morale within the police is at zero, and I am very pessimistic that the situation can be resolved without a major reinforcement of security."
According to the BBC, dicontent and racial discrimination is the impetus of the violent behavior. Did you know that racial discrimination is banned in France? Somehow, though, it's still practiced. Apparently thought control doesn't always work.

Or, if you don't buy the racism-as-cause theory, you can consider the "Hate Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy" theory. He had the audacity to talk tough, which is a no-no in the polite environs of France. Apparently calling Muslim criminals "scum" and "rabble" is sufficient cause to start a riot.

Meanwhile, Chirac blames France itself for the rioter's behavior:

Chirac said France was determined to promote "respect for all, justice and equal opportunities." Violence has been concentrated in poor suburbs with large immigrant populations.
We can see where this is going, and it's not good for the French.