Friday, November 04, 2005

French riots continue, the MSM sleeps

"Violence flares again in France, deepening sense of crisis"

The MSM's virtual non-coverage of the French riots has been almost Orwellian. Even in the event the violent tumult is mentioned, there is sophisticated suppression of the fact that the rioters (and victims) are Muslim. In some cases, the MSM will hint at ethnic origins by stating, for example, that the criminals originate from north Africa. Even in the rare story, as the one linked above, that mentions "young Muslim men", the mention is made at the end of the story.

A more appropriate headline would be: "Muslim riots out of control, French officials paralyzed by weakness and indecision".

The violence is spreading to other cities:

A fire-bomb was also thrown against the wall of a synagogue in the northern suburb of Pierrefitte-sur-Seine, police said. At least 30 people were arrested, including some minors found to be carrying material to make incendiary bombs. Similar scenes were also reported in the northern city of Lille, the western city of Rennes and in Toulouse, in the southwest. The gangs of youths from low-income, high-immigration neighbourhoods blamed for the violence largely ditched their earlier tactics of pelting police with stones, bottles and Molotov cocktails, preferring instead to run away after setting the fires.
Maybe Chirac should get on the phone with George Bush and get some advice on how to deal with violent miscreants.

Overwhelmed police have found themselves powerless to stop the conflagration, which has seen a total of over 1,000 vehicles torched and more than 200 people arrested.

Those responsible are groups of young Muslim men, the sons of families from France's former Arab and African colonial territories, who have said in interviews that they are protesting economic misery, racial discrimination and provocative policing.

The leader of one police union, Bruno Beschizza, has described the riots as "urban terrorism", but Paris Mayor Bertrand Delanoe of the opposition Socialist Party warned against hastily lumping together "one religion, Islam, and a few extremists" in apportioning blame.
You care correct, Mssr. Beschizza. You are incorrect, Mssr. Delanoe. Socialism will not save you. For this you need strength. Is there anyone in France with sufficent strength to stop the violence?

The socialist/pacifist crowd has been trying to make interior minister Nicolas Sarkozy one of the fall guys. How would he be responsible? Well this rhetoric has been called inflammatory:

Mr Sarkozy had earlier sparked some criticism with hardline comments describing the rioting youths as "hoodlums".
And that is a problem how? How could anyone take offense at calling rioting filth "hoodlums". He also called them "scum", but they are scum. So where's the problem?

Why have there not been MSM photos of the rioters themselves? How can hundreds and hundreds of riot pictures be posted on the internet, but very few pictures of the criminal "youths" themselves, and none in the MSM? It defies belief.

Stay tuned.