Sunday, October 30, 2005

Peace through inferior firepower

Eyewitness News Channel 5 in Minneapolis reports that the Community of Peace charter school in St. Paul failed to inform parents that a student had been caught with a gun on school grounds.

The 16 year old Peace student apparently had possession of a sawed-off .22 caliber rifle (a heretofore unknown technique with a weapon of that size).

The incident occurred on Thursday at the Community of Peace charter school. Two students were arguing when one of them talked about having a gun and that ‘someone’s going to get shot.’
Despite the convergence of an actual threat and an actual weapon, the Community of Peace staff felt no need to inform parents of the other students.

Dr. Karen Rusthoven, the school’s principal, defended the fact the school did not inform parents or other students. “There wasn’t an imminent danger, and I certainly didn’t want to alarm them,” said Rusthoven.
Dr. Rusthoven had more evidence of imminent danger than did the administration of Columbine High School, yet she felt the need to remain silent.

Community of Peace, indeed.