Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The anti-war, the anti-American, and government schools

Consider this story if you think our children are not being indoctrinated in leftist beliefs in the nation's government schools: "As students consider antiwar walkout, parents are key, districts say".

Twin Cities-area high school students are being threatened with failing grades if they walk out next week to protest the Iraq war and military recruitment in schools, says a group known as Youth Against War and Racism. But school officials say that the students are OK if they get parental permission.

Can you imagine this level of complicity? The schools have lowered the bar to the extent that even students who didn't previously believe in the "cause" will likely skip school that day.

And this would be truly disturbing if it wasn't so predictable:

The group held a news conference Tuesday intended to put pressure on Minneapolis and suburban districts, where they say students have been threatened with failing grades. Students and organizers were joined by Minneapolis City Council Members Dean Zimmermann and Natalie Johnson Lee and write-in mayoral candidate Farheen Hakeem.
The freaks who "run" Minneapolis are as irresponsible a group of people as you'd ever come across. And how does Zimmerman (Zimmer"person")have time to participate in this misguided activity when he should be preparing for his corruption defense.

Rambix really tries to avoid personal attacks, but it's been documented previously in this blog that Natalie Johnson Lee is a low watt bulb. In other words, if she's for it, it's wrong.

What would happen if the following day normal students staged a walkout to promote the liberation of Iraq? Would the school administration be so accomodating? Or is that when they'd "put their foot down"? I think we know the answer.

In Minneapolis and a sampling of other districts where organizers say they've had a strong student response, district officials say all a student needs is a note from a parent to be excused. An excused absence generally means the student is entitled to make up the work, according to Minneapolis spokesman Josh Collins. Officials in Bloomington, Robbinsdale and Roseville, where organizers say substantial numbers of students have pledged to walk out, report similar policies.
Students will use any excuse to get out of school. They would probably have similar numbers for the aforementioned hypothetical Iraq Freedom rally.

Youth Against War and Racism is asking students to walk out at 10:30 a.m. on Nov. 2. A noon protest is scheduled at the University of Minnesota's Coffman Memorial Union plaza, followed by a march to a nearby military recruiting station and a teach-in.
If Rambix were in charge, these filthy rats would be cuffed and sent off to reform school. You can practice freedom of speech when you're an 18 year old loser, but until then get to your seats, get a haircut, sit up straight, and crack a book for a change.