Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Muslim riots & American pro-terrorist protests

As Paris burns for a 7th straight night (CNN, Little Green Footballs, Yahoo Singapore via Drudge), a pro-terrorist rally is held at the University of Minnesota and across America. What do these two events have in common? They both feature the fetid underbelly of their respective societies.

Right-thinkers have for all practical purposes lost our culture. We've fooled ourselves for a long time into thinking things were copasetic, but they weren't. We've lost the public schools. We've lost mainstream media, we've lost corporate culture, we've lost most of the churches, and despite the seeming numerical advantage, we've lost the political arena.

Traditional values are mocked and scorned; charges of intolerance and backward thinking are acceptable when applied to the right but not the left, young people are awash in a culture that celebrates deviance and perversion; corporations and colleges populate their bodies based on diversity and inclusion rather than merit; the world fetes communists (Hugo Chavez), socialists (the French), dictators (the House of Saud), and terrorists (Palestinians, Iranians, Syrians, etc); our president spends money like a liberal with no end in sight.
Ronald Reagan spoke of a shining city on a hill, and morning in America. Where is the optimism? Where is the pro-America rhetoric? Well, it's certainly not in our schools. High school students left school today to protest the war. Most did so without consequences, and with little or no outrage from the general public:
Most schools responded that they would follow their normal policies for absences: If students are excused by a parent, they will be allowed to make up work they miss.
These are high school students. They had de facto support from the school administrators. What would the response have been had students left for a rally supporting the overthrow of Iraq? Or a rally in support of pro-life? The answer is obvious.

[photo courtesy of the Star Tribune]

As if anyone wants to kill this young girl. Check that; the terrorists want to kill her. Besides conservatives, does no one understand the point behind the war is to save her?

The same rot described above permeates France, but to a much greater degree. The French are floundering in their failed socialist system. Like much of Eurabia, it won't be long before the Muslims, who have no Western values in mind, take over all that is French and drag it into the 7th century, much like in their countries of origin.

The French, who derided America for the poverty and consequences of the same in New Orleans following the hurricane, now realize that societies by their nature have intractible social problems, and no culture is immune. The difference is France is much deeper in the miasma than is America; they just chose to ignore it. Their tolerance of the balkanization of their society has led to their current situation.

The riots rage on in the greater Paris area:

Gangs of stone-throwing youths clashed with police and torched 180 cars overnight in several towns north and west of Paris in an escalation of dusk-to-dawn violence that has raged since last Thursday following the death of two teenagers in the northeast suburb of Clichy-sous-Bois.

The left has won battle after battle. Will they win the war? Not if conservatives band together, trumpet our many successes, and fight like wolverines against the left. And it can start from the president. Here's hoping he comes through.

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