Tuesday, November 08, 2005

France tries appeasement for a change

The impotent leaders of France (excluding Sarkozy) are going to try a new ploy to stop the rioters - pay them. The spineless French leaders, including Chirac and de Villepin, are so bereft of ideas, so devoid of creativity, so morally bankrupt, they don't know what to do other than pay the criminals:

Mr. Villepin also outlined a package of economic and social measures to try to address the entrenched racial discrimination and chronic unemployment that have bred resentment and alienation in the suburbs, which have large populations of West African and North African origin.
The French leadership have disgraced themselves in front of the world. They have been exposed as hypocrits. When America suffered hurricane Katrina, and our underclass criminal element showed it's ugly face, the French claimed America was racist and discriminatory of minorities, who comprised most of the victims in New Orleans.

Now the chickens have come home to roost for the French. They have shown to the world that they are the hypocrits, that they are racist and intolerant, that they marginalize immigrants.

This is not to say that the rioters are victims with a righteous cause. They are not. They are just as despicable as the French leadership. They are not stupid, however. They know that the French are gutless, and will take nothing more than "stern measures". Soon enough, if the lawlessness continues, their options will start to look like those that George Bush faced in the face of evil. They will be forced to take George Bush-like measures. The hypocrites will be humbled.

President Jacques Chirac, who called an emergency cabinet meeting to adopt the curfew decree, said nothing publicly today, continuing to keep a low profile amid the worst unrest here in a generation. That lack of public visibility by Mr. Chirac, who suffered what was thought to be a mild stroke in September, has contributed, critics say, to an atmosphere of political drift during a time of crisis.
If Chirac suffered a stroke in September, watch what happens to him in December if the unrest continues. Now isn't it ironic that the above description of Chirac is virtually verbatim of how the French and the MSM have described George Bush during various crises he has faced over the last couple of years?

Chirac is now experiencing real trouble, and he's folding like a house of cards.

The terrorists smell the fear of the French leaders. They see the weakness. The terrorists will not be appeased. The appeasement will only make them stronger. France's troubles are only beginning.