Monday, November 07, 2005

Incredible, but true

This, from a Minneapolis PD dispatch dated 11/7/05. Note the number of previous arrests of the "suspects" for ROBPER (robbery of persons), CAPRS (computer assisted police records system), RECVEH (stolen vehicle):

Since the 1st of this month there have been 15 reported robberies in Sector One of the Fifth Precinct, mostly occurring in the Whittier Neighborhood but also in Stevens Square, Lowry Hill East and Lowry Hill. Suspect information varies, but Officers of the Fifth Precinct made an arrest on 1st Avenue S. and 26th Street at 01:28 on 11/7/05. The victim was walking home from his girlfriends when he was stopped by a white, early 90’s, Lincoln Town Car. The passenger, B/M 6’1”, medium build, wearing a black puffy bomber jacket, exited and approached the victim implying he had a gun and said, “Give it up.” There were three occupants in the vehicle. The victim backed away and called 911. The vehicle proceeded NB on Nicollet.

Officers Brown and Joseph located the vehicle that had run out of gas. Two suspects were taken into custody and were IDed in a show up by the victim. A third suspect was located at the Super America at 22nd and Lyndale by Officer McMahon in 952.
· Suspect 1: Shon Davenport, 91 CAPRS arrests. Listed in five ROBPER and 8 RECVEH in MPD CAPRS.
· Suspect 2: Tracy Ford, 26 CAPRS arrests and listed in three ROBPER.
· Suspect 3: Emmett Harvey, 35 CAPRS arrests, listed in 1 ROBPER
If you doubt that Minneapolis and Hennepin County practices revolving door justice, just look at the number of arrests of these career criminals. It's so far beyond the pale, there's really nothing to say. It's just more of the same.

By the way, incumbent Minneapolis mayor is looking to get re-elected tomorrow. Minneapolis residents - consider your vote carefully.