Saturday, November 19, 2005

More Uptown Minneapolis crime

More violent crime affecting the "average person" on Minneapolis mayor Ryback's watch. The victim's mistake this time? Going to the health club: "Woman carjacked at Uptown health club".
A woman was attacked and her car stolen Monday night as she was about to enter a health club in a busy neighborhood.

Mercedes Heiden had just parked at the Uptown YWCA when a man with a gun approached her, demanding her keys and wallet. She says the suspect is a teenage boy.

“He held a 9 millimeter up and cocked it back like he was chambering a bullet, and said ‘Give me your wallet and give me your keys,’” said Heiden.
No suspect description? The victim was astute enough to get a good description of the weapon, so it's hard to believe she couldn't describe the suspect. Since there is no suspect description, we have to apply Rambix' theory of media political correctness: If there is no suspect description, it is a "protected" minority, i.e. black.

"My car is gone, everything is gone, but I'm lucky to be alive," said Heiden. "It's very upsetting that you can't get out of your car in the parking lot and go to the gym without having to look over your shoulder both ways."
Not in Minneapolis, anyway.

Heiden says she is not intimidated, however. "I am not afraid,” she said. “I am not going to be afraid. I'm just really angry and I hope he is punished for what he has done."
God bless you.

Thanks again, mayor Ryback.