Sunday, November 27, 2005

Red Star agenda - pro-liberal, pro-enemy?

The Opinion Exchange section of the Red Star today is mired in propaganda that will bring comfort to our enemies. We've noted previously that the Red Star has long-since dispensed with any notion of objectivity. If this isn't clear by now, it never will be.

The front page of the section in the Sunday 11/27/05 edition shows 12 pictures of "torture", with no explanation or context. Its not clear who or what organization is responsible for the "torture", its not clear who is in the pictures, and there is no explanation as to what happened. In other words, the Red Star propaganda machine wants to convey to the reader that there is a moral equivalence between America and our enemies. Joseph Goebbels would be proud.

The accompanying "torture" opinion piece is written by Douglas A. Johnson, executive director of the Center for Victims of Torture, based in Minneapolis. Mr. Johnson joins the cabal of leftist "thinkers" who are unclear on the ramifications of failure in the War on Terror. (By the way, the pro-enemy types argue that our fighting men and women will be abused when captured if America doesn't hold to high standards for prisoners. Does any thinking person believe that will make a difference? Does anyone recall the charred American corpses hanging from the Fallujah bridge, pre Abu Ghraib?).

The section contains another column from our favorite leftist editorial board member, Lori Sturdevant, gleefully proclaiming the demise of the Republican party.

The lead editorial is titled: "American's shameful shift on torture". Of course, the enemy will take comfort now that the torture threshold is anything above a stiff breeze, knowing that our Anti-American friends will howl and whine in response every move we make toward our goal of winning the war. The pro-enemy crowd does not share that goal, obviously.

The editorial cartoon in the same section is predictably anti-Bush.

In another column, Thomas Friedman bashes the president: "Time for a different president to emerge".

Several cartoons under the headline "Drawn and Quartered" are presented; all anti-Bush.

So, does anyone really believe the Red Star doesn't have an agenda, and that the Anti-American leftists don't want our enemies to prevail?