Wednesday, November 30, 2005

University of Minnesota Law School faculty aids radical homosexual "rights" movement

Members of the University of Minnesota Law School faculty join the ranks of Berzerkly, NYU, Carleton, and other leftist schools in opposition to our national security, "Law schools to fight amendment".

Law faculty members from the University are supporting a consortium of legal scholars heading to the nation’s Capitol in December to contend the constitutionality of a military recruitment law.

The Solomon Amendment of 1996 stipulates that universities receiving federal funding must allow military recruiters the same access to students as any other career counselor or prospective employer, or risk losing funding.

The Law School’s faculty, along with others in the Forum for Academic Institutional Rights, contends that the military’s ban on gays serving openly violates the First Amendment rights of universities.

Some law schools are smarter: Harvard’s, banned campus recruiting altogether for a short time, but when faced with a $400 million funding loss, decided to allow the recruiting to resume, according to a September Yale Times report.
In other words, they throw out their supposed principles when money is at stake.

Mike Grewe, co-chairperson for the Queer Student Cultural Center at the University, lauded the law school faculty members’ opposition to the amendment.

“I think it’s great that the faculty is taking a stand,” Grewe said. “They’re taking a stand against what we see as a basic violation of human rights.”
This is not a human rights or civil rights issue. Those with the homosexual proclivity have the same rights as anyone else. They are presently equal, but want to be more equal.

In 2004, the University [Minnesota] received $351 million for research from the federal government, according to the office for the University’s vice president for research.
They'll cave, because they love money more than their principles, but they've exposed themselves to be in opposition to the values that the vast majority of the country espouses, as well as an important national security issue.

Shame on those University of Minnesota Law School faculty who are participating in this "movement".