Thursday, June 16, 2005

Got Her Mind Right, She Did...

It wasn't long before Thandiwe Peebles got her mind right, and capitulated to the education cabal. East Coast tough? Nah. She's a pussycat compared to her opponents, who, by the way, include the school board who hired her.

The Red Star titles the article "Peebles says job evaluation has been learning experience". Rigghhht. Maybe if you're learning appeasement and submission. Shades of Larry Summers at Harvard? He bent over so fast to the education bullies that $50 million fell out of his pocket.

Peeble's spanking is only slightly less degrading. And it only cost her her dignity. Forget the fact the school board sought her out for the very qualities they now don't like. Now they own her, and they will never let her forget that.

Ms. Peebles, we don't know if you're the good guy or a co-bad guy, but the only way you get out of this mess with your head held high is to tell the edu-rats that they hired you for a reason, you're going to do what they hired you to do, and you're going to do it your way. And if they don't like it, you'll take the balance of your contract and hit the road.

Reason #365 that Rambix no longer calls Minneapolis "home".