Tuesday, June 14, 2005

There's Nothing Quite Like Liberal vs. Liberal in Minneapolis

The Red Star reveals today liberal infighting between the leftist Minneapolis School board and the "community activists" (read: people with no visible means of support) regarding Minneapolis school superintendent Thandiwe Peebles. (Please don't ask Rambix to pronounce the name).

Close followers of Minneapolis politics will remember how after Carol Johnson left the position, there was a call for the eminently qualified and experienced administrator and interim superintendent, David Jennings, to take over. He was ready, willing, and able. However, because he was white, he was the wrong color for the job. The ever-so-resourceful school board reached out to the east coast and got, well, an east coast type. And one that was the right color.

So to the board's utter amazement, Ms. Peebles brought her east coast style with her, and teachers and administrators have been up in arms since. The current article is vague on what has caused the uproar, but from past reporting, she has been described as abrasive and direct. That style is sure to ruffle a few feathers in the passive-aggressive urban education group.

Here's board member Farmer:

"Although much of the criticism has been on Peebles' demanding style, Farmer said the big issue is her management ability and communication."
Not too specific, what?

So the board signs Peebles up to a juicy three year contract. It's been a year, and now they are talking about getting rid of her. This is typical of Minneapolis. They waste tax dollars with their moronic decisions, and what is worse, they never learn.

In comes the black "community leader" rabble-rousers. Here's the ever present Spike Moss:

"Longtime community activist Spike Moss said speakers were concerned not only for Peebles but for the district's black children, who comprise 42 percent of student enrollment.
"We will fight over this sister like she belongs to us," Moss said. "We will circle the wagons around an educated black woman, a responsible woman who they bragged on and who they thought had what they wanted, but when she didn't go all the way with them, it's like, 'Now I must decapitate you.'
"Oh, no. We are going to shut them down.""

And from education lobbyist Grace Schwab:

But some think Peebles might be getting penalized for style rather than substance.

"She's always been very articulate and knowledgeable about urban schools," said Grace Schwab, lobbyist for the Minnesota School Boards Association. "She's very eloquent and forceful. It may be that aggressive style that hurt her."

We've written about City Council member Natalie Johnson Lee in the past. She must be an inner city public school graduate (or dropout), because she is about as useless as she is unlikeable. Here's her take:

"If you're ready for a fight, bring it on," City Council Member Natalie Johnson Lee challenged the school board. "Why did you hire her? They hired her not only because she's qualified but she had a proven track record."
Rambix encourages you to read the whole article, especially if you live in the city of Minneapolis. These people truly deserve each other. Rambix proposes walling off the city with the all the usual suspects inside, and then we'll set up the pay-per-view.