Saturday, June 11, 2005

The Hatch Brats Found "Innocent"

A Chicago judge, apparently overwhelmed by the publicity of the case, rendered a verdict of "innocent" for the Hatch Brats. The four prosecution witnesses, the substantial abount of alcohol consumption, the officer's testimony about being assaulted, and the broken police squad window wasn't enough evidence to convince the judge the Hatch Brats were gulity.

People have been convicted on 10% of the evidence presented in this case. Does any rational, thinking person have any doubt these two Brats threw their weight around, threw tantrums, cursed, fought, and were essentially drunken fools? Is the officer's testimony meaningless? Is the broken window insufficient evidence?

"Mike Matuschka, a Crobar partner, said he didn't understand the verdict. "We did our job," he said. "We did everything right. Everybody did everything right.""

Yes, Mike, you did do everything right. Justice was not served because the Hatch Brats are two attractive young women with a famous father.

"The young prosecuting team, Assistant State's Attorneys Lindsay Malitz and Jesse Opdycke, declined to comment. They were clearly overmatched by the defense team of Tom Breen and Cynthia Giachetti, who have been successful, high-profile criminal attorneys for years."

Shame on the Chicago authorities for throwing lightweight prosecutors at this case, if that's in fact what happened. Shame on our court system for letting this one get by without justice.