Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Red Star hails smelly hippie traiterous anarchist ex-cons

As with the Kathleen Soliah case ("our little terrorist"), the Red Star feels compelled to print a prominently-placed article on radical hippies with a local connection, who have been released from a Mexican prison on murder charges (In Soliah's case it was attempted murder of police officers). It's unclear whether they did the crime, but it is clear that political pressure played a part in their release after 18 months.

Ulises Perzabal and Cynthia Kiecker are the prototypical leftists the Red Star loves to adore. The Red Star championed the cause of terrorist Kathleen Soliah, and now they take up the cause of these two communist malcontents. This is not the first article in the Strib detailing their plight. The paper diligently chronicaled their "ordeal" as they fought their case in Mexico. The Strib played them off as the persecuted ones, only because they were "different", and in theory, the Mexican authorities wanted a scapegoat for the numerous murders that were occurring in the area where Perzabal and Kiecker lived.

And although their political orientation hadn't been mentioned in the past, wouldn't you know that they are anti-American leftists?

"Both say the ordeal changed them, made them more aware of the notion of freedom. It's made them appreciate Minnesota and the United States more, though they continue to criticize government policies here as well as in Mexico.

"The people of Mexico are good," says Perzabal. "The people of America are good. But I don't like the Mexican government or the American government."

When people suggest that their experience couldn't happen here, the two point to Guantanamo, where they say many alleged terrorists are being held without evidence."

Here's a sure indicator of a leftist hippie:

"Kiecker is slight, her hair pulled back in braids, her arms tattooed. Silver earrings she made dangle from her ears."
Tattoos and dangly earrings are a dead giveaway. And you should see the men!
Here's a nice Perzabal quote:

"Perzabal gets animated, and talks about the need for a nonviolent "revolution" to fight corruption."
Talkin' 'bout a revolution, man! Not that corruption's a good thing, but you can see how these two losers could get in the radar of the authorities. Here's Keicker:

""It's funny," says Kiecker, "but for a long time I felt more free in Mexico than I do here. It's still my paradise, Mexico.""
Rambix has nothing but contempt for these vile individuals. Fortunately they won't amount to anything here, but if there is justice, they will end up in custody of the authorities down the road, somewhere, somehow. The question is, why does the Red Star celebrate such creatures? Or is that self-evident?