Sunday, May 29, 2005

We're not biased. Really, we're not.

The Star Tribune is just a blogger's gift that keeps on giving. It took Rambix approximately 5 seconds to find evidence of liberal bias in today's paper. We report, you decideĀ®.

In an article called "His words are his legacy", Chuck Haga writes about Michael Carlson's patirotic essay, which by now has been heard and read around the world. Please read it if you haven't already; it'll bring a tear to a grown man's eye.

It must have caused physical pain for the Red Star to publish an article which is first of all patriotic, but also has to report that the parents of the now-deceased Michael still believe in the cause of the Iraq war in defense of our country's freedom (For Red Star staffers, "our country" is USA, not France or Sweden), even after their soldier son was killed while on duty.

Here's the bias part. Anyone who listens to talk radio has heard this story discussed, on a national or local level. It's likely that the story was only heard on conservative talk radio. The Strib mentions the radio exposure of the story "on a nationally syndicated radio program". But they don't say which "nationally syndicated radio program" it is:

"The 1,250-word paper was read on a nationally syndicated radio program, and it was published last week -- under Michael's byline -- on the Wall Street Journal's opinion page."
They certainly mention the newspaper in which the essay was published. If the radio program was a liberal program, does anyone doubt they would give the name of the program, the call letters, the frequency, and time the program is aired? Of course they would. This, our good friends, is liberal bias.