Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Nick Coleman's public breakdown

Rambix will not spend a lot of time analyzing the pride and fall of the Red Star's preeminent leftist columnist. It's been done, and frankly, he's not very interesting. However, Rambix has taken note the inordinate amount of column space Coleman has devoted to attempts at one-upping local bloggers, such as Powerline, et al. He certainly is a bitter root!

In today's column he takes issue with the local, high profile bloggers and their meeting with the governor at the mansion. A careful analysis of the piece failed to uncover a purpose for its existence. What is the point? Is it jealousy? Envy?

Coleman feigns surprise and indignation that center-right bloggers were invited to meet with the center-right governor. Never mind that our favorite governor is actually inching toward Coleman's end of the political spectrum. He mentions how he's only been invited to the governor's mansion once in 32 years. Keep in mind this includes many years of liberal governors! No wonder he's feeling blue.

Coleman really ought to stay in his comfort zone, which is human interest stories. He really should avoid escalating his personal battle with the bloggers, because he will not prevail. There is too much talent out there for him to compete with, and bloggers can post day and night, whereas Coleman can only be read several times a week.

On the other hand, fellow bloggers, we know that a nerve has been struck, and Coleman has taken the bait. Every time.