Thursday, May 19, 2005

Osama the Activist?

The Red Star published an article today in the paper version titled "Activists use of explosives, arson called top domestic terror threat". The online version, as of 10:11pm CST, is titled "Terrorism by environmental, animal rights extremists is rising". We would suggest a third option: "Radical leftist terrorists threat to America". We won't hold our breath for that to appear, however.

As to the first headline, which appeared on page A12 in the 5/19/05 Metro Edition, why would the editor refer to the criminals in the headline as a "top domestic terror threat", yet call them "activists" in the same sentence! Is the Strib so loathe to label a leftist a terrorist that they contradict themselves in the same article?

Well, how about that legendary activist, good ol' Yassir Arafat?