Friday, May 13, 2005

Hero of the World!

Minnesota's premier senator, Norm Coleman, is the current title holder of Hero of the World. We've met Mr. Coleman, before he became senator, and he is one of the original nice guys. In addition to all of his obvious and seemingly limitless talents, he is also a bulldog with a steel spine. His repartee with British twit George Galloway ought to be printed and framed. Today's Red Star tells us that Senator Coleman implicates Mssr. Galloway in Iraqi oil-for-food corruption, Saddam boot-licking, association with the French, and other unforgiveable transgressions. Of course, none of that is news. The news is Galloway threatening to come to Capital Hill to confront Coleman and refute the allegations. Coleman responds:
"Coleman said he welcomes the encounter. "There will be a witness chair and microphone available for Mr. Galloway's use," he said."
Galloway asserts that the Senate panel rejected his efforts to respond in the past. Coleman locks and loads, and unleashes a fitting response:
"Contrary to his assertions, at no time did Mr. Galloway contact [the committee] by any means, including but not limited to telephone, fax, e-mail, letter, Morse code or carrier pigeon," Coleman said."
As if this weren't enough excitement for one day, the article quotes political professor David Schultz:
"This is a dream come true for Coleman," said David Schultz, who teaches American politics at Hamline University in St. Paul. "You don't lose votes by picking fights with foreign officials. Though if [Galloway] were French it would have been better."
You just can't make this stuff up!