Monday, May 02, 2005

Uptown thugs bagged; Red Star fined for malpractice

Ok, no fines for the Red Star...yet. The Strib reports the capture of the Uptown crime-wave, as represented by four juvenile killer-criminal-wanna-be's. While good people were working, earning money, taking care of the community, attending worship services, and enjoying life, these products of secular culture were out robbin' and hurtin'. You'll pull out whatever hair you might have left after you read the end of the WCCO website report:

"A K-9 searched the vehicle for evidence. The brothers and the woman were taken to police headquarters to identify and photograph them. The woman and one of the brothers were later released, but the driver went to jail. He didn’t have a driver’s license and is wanted in Illinois for an assault."
And if that doesn't make smoke come out of your ears, I don't know what will. Or maybe I do: The Red Star never gave suspect descriptions. The 5/3/05 report, in part:

"The robbing had been going on for a month around Minneapolis' Uptown area, a spree police said was unlike anything they had ever seen in the area. The suspects were considered brazen because they were armed and quickly descended on men or women who were walking in public areas. The crimes happened any day of the week, but usually after 9:30 p.m., when the victims may have had something to drink. The robbers shot one man last week in the eye and knee. After 22 reported robberies, police may have finally caught their suspects."

Annnnnd...then let them go.