Friday, May 06, 2005

Red Star reports sash bash

No communion for the Rainbow Sash wearers (otherwise known as radical homosexual activists) says the Vatican. The Strib editor divinely headlines the May 6th article thusly: "Flynn denies sacrament to sash wearers". Never mind that Archbishop Flynn took his orders from the Vatican, and appears to have had nothing to do with the decision. In fact, Archbishop Flynn has tolerated the sasher's antics for the last several years. Red Star reporter Darlene Prois (French?) writes about the denial of the "gay rights" symbol at communion. Here's Brian McNeil, a homosexual organizer of the alliance:

"The request to take off the sash makes no sense," McNeill said. "The church is saying it only wants closeted gay people going to communion. That's troubling to me as a gay man. I think God would want me to be proud of who she [emphasis added] created me to be."

She?! What is the matter with these people? Is nothing sacred? Why does the Red Star report this in such a sympathetic way with regard to the activists? Mr. McNeill, we're certain that God would want you to be proud of your affliction, but what's the point? Why must you advertise it in church? Nobody cares what you do in the privacy of your home or the bathhouse, but people will get exercised when you put it in their face, especially in the sanctity of the church where people go to seek forgiveness for sinful behavior. No one said homosexuals are unable to take communion, but the Vatican did say they are unable to advertise their lifestyle and activism at Mass. This article is an example of the way the Red Star shades the news to fit their leftist socialist agenda. There is no perspective given on the 2000 year history of the church and it's teachings regarding homosexual behavior, only a sympathetic portrayal of the "maligned" activists