Sunday, May 15, 2005

Its the Red Star's world, we just live in it

We are giddy with anticipation on how the Red Star on Monday will treat two stories featured on the local news tonight, May 15, 2005. The first involves 13+ robberies in Minneapolis (haven't we been here before?), North Minneapolis that is, by a "suspect" on a bicycle who is terrorizing the Camden nieghborhood. The local news did something very radical that the Red Star rarely will: give a suspect description. The salient descriptive is that its a black male.

By now we all know that when the Red Star reports a crime, and no suspect description is given, its a black male. When the suspect is a white male, we'll know his shoe size, his favorite color, and what brand of underwear he's wearing. Let's see (1) if they report the one man crime wave, and if they do, (2) whether they give even a vague suspect description. Our money is that there will be no report until suppression is no longer an option.

The other story is that of the homosexual sash activist troublemakers, who were at it again today at the venerable St. Paul Cathedral (see previous post of May 6, 2005). We checked the Strib's web site, and they've already titled the article "Priest denies communion to supporters of gay Catholics". If they bothered to read our May 6 posting, they'd know that this order came from the Vatican. In other words, this was not a unilateral decision by the priest. This leaves two possibilities: The Strib can't investigate a story to save their lives, or they are intentionally smearing the local priest and/or parish. Believe us, Archbishop Flynn would roll out the red (or rainbow) carpet for these malcontents if it were up to him.

Naturally, two local socialist leftist parishes gave communion to the rainbow radicals:

"But at least two parishes in south Minneapolis -- St. Stephen's and St. Joan of Arc -- did give communion Sunday to sash-wearers, according to Brian McNeill, a leader of the Rainbow Sash Alliance."

We can't imagine what these south Minneapolis churches have in common with the Catholic faith. Locals know that their (much reported) activities fly in the face of Catholicism and the proscriptions of the Vatican. They continue to embarrass themselves and the church.

More on this story later, but please watch how the local media handles this in the next couple of days.