Saturday, May 14, 2005

Red Star takes heat for intoxicated cop story

This blog is diametrically opposed to the Red Star. We believe it to be a socialist propaganda organ of leftist, one-world, liberal sewer rats. That said, we defend the paper for printing news of what Sgt. Vick's blood alcohol level was at the time of his murder. It's not pretty, but it is news.

Many take issue with the timing. It is likely that information about the BAC (blood alcohol content) was available before the funeral. The Strib waited until after the funeral to release the story, but the news had really started leaking before that. We do take issue with putting on the front page, above the fold, but in this rare instance, we will not vilify the Strib. It's news we hate to see, but news it is. It does not diminish Sgt. Vick, nor does it make the murdering piece of garbage killer any less culpable.

The Red Star gives us an endless supply of opportunities to turn them inside out, but this is not one of them. Its certainly not an "atta boy", but its also not a not an "atta boy" (if you know what we mean). Fair is fair.