Friday, May 20, 2005

TB watch, Red Star reports

From experience, we know the PC crowd at the Red Star will selectively report incidents, crimes, and various news events. The criteria generally is: Does it involve a white male breaking the law? Front page, above the fold. "Minority" member? Buried or suppressed.

Does anyone recall a couple of years ago a doctor caused an outbreak of Tuberculosis at his hospital in Duluth? You probably don't even know about it, because it was in and out of the news in a flash. It turns out the doctor was an immigrant (gasp!) from Africa, and he brought the disease with him. The powers that be slapped that news story down faster than Jesse Jackson to a TV camera.

Why does Rambix ponder this now? Because tonights channel 9 news reported a case of tuberculosis at a St. Paul elementary school. They also reported that it may have something to do with the recent influx of Hmong immigrants from the Thai camps. This is obviously troubling on a number of levels. For one, don't we screen diseased immigrants any more? Does any one recall that the resettlement program was shut down for a short time recently because they were importing some people with diseases? Apparently they're still coming!

The litmus test will be how the Red Star reports this. They will likely report the TB "outbreak", but will they mention the Hmong connection? Will the liberal PC infection continue to hurt us? Stay tuned!