Saturday, May 21, 2005

Spike in violent crime in Minneapolis?

Were the gates to the zoo left open recently? It seems the animals are running wild in Minneapolis. Violent crime in Minneapolis is seemingly out of control, but you have to have an eagle eye to find a lot of it in the Red Star.

Strike the animals comment - even animals don't kill and hurt things for evil purposes. If you go to the last page of today's Red Star "Metro/State" section, you find this:
Woman sexually assaulted on Marquette Ave". This is an astonishing story, and a very disturbing trend in Minneapolis. The woman was attacked in prime time, right in the heart of the city!
"The woman said she noticed a man behind her as she was walking along Nicollet Mall about 9 p.m., police spokesman Ron Reier said. Minutes later, the man ran up and forced her to perform a sex act along Marquette Avenue between S. 7th and 8th Streets. The woman fled and got on a bus, police said."
This follows numerous recent prime time robberies (see previous logs), murders in public restaurants, robberies on bike trails of all things, in broad daylight. What is going on in Minneapolis?

The Red Star, in its usual responsible manner prints this description of the perp:

" "

Nothing. Here's what we need to do: let the paper know they're worthless, and start printing suspect descriptions, and second, keep your loved ones and spending money out of Minneapolis until they get this mayhem under control. Then thank your legislator for passing conceal carry.