Sunday, May 22, 2005

Visit Minneapolis! We have it all: Crime, weeds, trash...

The Rambixes took advantage of the beautiful spring day today and went to Minneapolis for a bike ride. For a bit of background, we had moved from the City of Minneapolis last summer for a nearby suburb when it became clear that the city was being so poorly run, that it would be sooner rather than later that the decay would come to our once proud neighborhood.

As we biked along the paved trails by the creek and through some south Minneapolis neighborhoods, we discovered that the neglect caused by too many years of incompetent Democratic leadership is upon us.

We are so glad to have escaped, apparently in the nick of time. The once well-tended and scenic trails now look like East LA or eighties Detroit. It was failry shocking, and definitely sad, to see the trails in such disrepair. There are weeds everywhere. The parkland along the trails and the creek looks like it hadn't been mowed or weeded for a month or two, and we wondered whether any upkeep has been done this year.

Some dim bulb decided it would be a good thing to let the shore along the creek turn "natural", and we had seen them the past couple of summers working to put some kind of mesh down and plant some things along the creek. Well, now it looks like a weedy mess. What a travesty. You can't even see the creek in many places; all you can see are ugly weeds. There are plenty of flowers, except now they're dandilions.

We imagine that if the city or park board receives complaints, the incompetents in charge (is anyone really in charge?) will say its due to lack of funding by the Republicans. Well, Rambix doesn't accept that excuse. Memo to boy-mayor Ryback: Make do with what you have. Clean up the parks, buy a lawnmower and a couple gallons of gas, and get it straightened out. You're coming up for election, for crying out loud. It shouldn't be that hard. And while you're at it, take care of the criminals running rampant in your city. You're a disgrace!

Here's your legacy, boy-mayor Ryback. Here's some pictures taken today of the current state of the city. Apologies for the quality; these a from a phone camera: