Thursday, May 26, 2005

Baby steps or token conservative?

The Red Star unleashed the always on point Katherine Kersten in today's edition. She will be a regular columnist, to provide "balance" against Doug Grow, Nick Coleman, the beat reporters, the editorial staff, the Classified Ad department, and the research department (We actually know a guy from research. He's slightly to the left of Lori Sturdevant).

Kersten is a good start, Red Star, but if you want us to believe you're actually going to be "fair and balanced", you will need to add some conservatives to your editorial board. How about just one? Ok, how about someone without Chairman Mao's picture on their desk?

We suspect that because the Red Star has moved even further to the left in recent years, they have had a lot of pressure to put at least one conservative on staff (Lileks is more of a centrist/populist with a lot of common sense, we believe). The rise of the angry white male intolerant hate machine blogs has had an enormous impact. Rambix gives props to the truth-telling juggernauts such as Powerline, Northern Alliance, Anti-Strib, et al.

Let's keep them on their heels.