Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Red Star asks why, oh, why?

The Red Star just doesn't get it. They chose to print an article today from the Los Angeles Times about the job hazards faced by Iraqi cops. The Strib titled the article "Why would anyone don a cop's uniform?" in the paper version, and "Iraq: Why would anyone don a cop's uniform?" in the online version. Interesting juxtaposition, no? In the more up to date version, they added the word "Iraq" to the title. The original title disparages all cops, then the Strib modifies the online article to disparage only Iraqi cops. Since the point of the Iraq exercise is lost on the Red Star, here are some reasons "anyone would don a cop's uniform" (in Iraq):

1) National pride
2) Serve the community
3) Earn an honest paycheck
4) Put evildoers in jail
5) Citizen safety
6) Enforce the laws in the fledgling democracy
7) To contrast Sadaam, who would just summarily execute criminals
8) To pull their weight in the struggle for freedom
9) To spite the terrorists
10) To spite the Red Star (See #9)

None of the above means anything to the Strib editorial board, but it does to the enlightened among us.