Thursday, June 02, 2005

The Apple Valley squatter, and the seeensitive Allie Shaw

Give Red Star reporter Allie Shaw an assignment about an illegal alien, a "minority", or a criminal, sorry, "offender" or other malcontents or reprobates, and she'll give you lots of tolerance, diversity, and fuzzy warm feelings. Today she touches our hearts by profiling the "squatting" Francisco Javier Serrano, the illegal alien, er, "squatter" discovered living in a Minneapolis suburban high school (Apple Valley). He has become a cause celebre amongst the illegal alien apologists, one of whom is Ms. Shaw. The story is titled "Apple Valley High squatter wants to stay in Minnesota"

In a plot twist, Mr. Javier Serrano has accepted an invitation of free room and board by local felon real estate developer, Basim Sabri, who recently pleaded guilty to 3 bribery counts in a federal corruption case. Mr. Sabri has not commented on what will happen to his young charge once he is sent upriver at the end of June (Is it a criminal enterprise when two lawbreakers develop a "close ties", and one provides living space for the other?).

Ms. Shaw is the master of minimizing and softening. Not once does she refer to young Francisco as a criminal or illegal alien. Here's an example:

"Serrano, who goes by Javier, is still the same softspoken man with the boyish face who was arrested for camping out at Apple Valley High for more than two weeks last winter."
In addition to being just so lovable, Francisco has plans:

"I just want to do something on my own. I want to have an apartment -- knowing that this is mine," Serrano said. "My hope is to change my status, get a student visa. Then get enrolled into college, then get a career and do something."
Javier certainly is ambitious. Rambix approves of ambition. In this vein, Rambix would like to offer a little advice to Ms. Shaw and Mr. Javier Serrano. To Ms. Shaw: Mr. Javier Serrano might have a good story, he might be cute and lovable, but he is a criminal and must be deported immediately. To Mr. Javier Serrano: You might have a good story, you might be cute and lovable, but you are a criminal and must be deported immediately.

As usual, U.S Immigration understands that Mr. Javier Serrano is a criminal:

"Officials from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) say Serrano is an illegal alien who violated immigration law. "He entered on a visitor's visa that expired," said Tim Counts, a Immigration and Customs spokesman."
May justice prevail.