Thursday, June 23, 2005

Who's watching the store? Another Minneapolis murder

The keys barely got cold on Rambix' keyboard when news of another murder hit the local media. Lo and behold, it happened in broad daylight. Rambix has reported two notable trends of late in Minneapolis: (1) Violent crime in the daytime, and (2) Violent crimes against the "average person" (i.e. not gangsters).

Most media outlets have reported this as a gang killing, so it doesn't fit into the still escalating crime pattern against average persons, but it certainly meets the first criteria. The troubling thing about the daylight crimes is that good people may travel to rough areas in the course of their legitimate business during the work day, and can get caught up in the violence. At night, the good people are scarce, and who cares if the gangsters whack each other out of existence, right? ;)

Here's the troubling part. One of the factors that gave birth to Rambix and the Red Star was that the Red Star was doing a rotten job reporting crime, and the unvarnished truth needed to be exposed. It should concern all of us that they suppress information, hide stories, and print what they think we ought to know, which often is counter to our best interests. Well, the City of Minneapolis is heading for a banner violent crime year, and the pinheads at the Red Star put a story today on page 1, Metro, about the fine job that McManus is doing as chief.

If the Red Star staff had any moral compass or common sense, they'd be flogging McManus in writing about the egregiously poor job he's done since he's taken the helm. Rambix' 6/12/05 post goes into detail on the curious timing of the crime wave that has coincided with the chief's tenure. McManus isn't wholly responsible, of course, but what is the mission of the chief of police? Is is to celebrate diversity?

"The review found that McManus, who started in February 2004, has improved relations in the community, made himself visible in the neighborhoods and diversified the upper ranks of the department. He also was praised for developing an office of professional standards to improve training and the culture among officers."
At least boy-Mayor Ryback is in full crime-fighting mode:

"...Mayor R.T. Rybak, brought up few specific issues that they want the chief to work on. A major point was to increase diversity at the lower ranks..."
If you live in the City of Minneapolis, Rambix suggests that you leave (as Rambix has done), and let the liberals continue decimating the crime-infested city, or that you invest in heavy arms, Kevlar armament, and tactical gear. Best of luck.