Friday, December 16, 2005

Red Star manipulation

There are two ways readers of the Red Star were manipulated today.

The first instance comes on what should be a momentous news day, with the overwhelmingly successful conclusion of elections in Iraq. The MSM, including the Red Star, knew that today would likely be a day of celebration for the Iraqi people, as well as the Bush administration, following yesterday's voting.

The MSM and the Red Star, however, have a different agenda than those who want freedom for Iraq. By all appearances, they saved this story for today in order to attack the administration and spoil their party (The story appears on the front page of the paper, but for some reason is not currently linked on the website): "Bush Secretly Lifted Some Limits on Spying in U.S. After 9/11, Officials Say". The Red Star heeadline is: "Bush secretly Ok'd spying in the U.S. without warrants".

The MSM attacks on the Bush administration and their disdain for the growing success of the Iraq operation is something to behold. The headline in the Red Star should have been a full- width banner, but instead shared space with the Vikings sex-cruise charges story.

[UPDATE - Michelle Malkin agrees:

The second way the Red Star manipulated its readers today comes from the "Scene" section in which they printed a 3/4 page photo of a smiling cowboy, which accompanies an article on, and review of the movie Brokeback Mountain, "Heath Ledger finds a Hollywood ending" and "Movie review: 'Brokeback Mountain' a spellbinding story". Quote: "The so-called "gay cowboy movie" is really a classic romantic melodrama, flawlessly executed, that happens to feature two men."

When the Red Star is not busy attacking the Bush administration, they are preoccupied with winning the hearts and minds of our children, in an insidious manner, by "normalizing" the homosexual lifestyle.

If your family has values contrary to those promoted in the movie "Brokeback Mountain", then what are you going to tell your child when they pick up the newspaper and see the cowboy and want to see the movie with their friends?