Monday, December 19, 2005

Minneapolis: "Worrisome jump in crime rates"

John Dewitt, an at-large board member of the Midtown Greenway Coalition, notes the escalating violence in Minneapolis and blames. . . the police: "Should Minneapolis grow up?".

Yes, Minneapolis should grow up, Mr. Dewitt, but so should you. The police are an easy target. How about blaming the failed social policies that create criminals faster than we can keep up with? How about blaming the dysfunctional Minneapolis City Council, or the impotent mayor's office, or the oddly detached police chief?

Minneapolis' "waning influence at our State Legislature" is not due to funding cuts, but rather because the liberals in the city have elected politicians and have brought in administrators who don't know what they're doing. They're anti-business, and they're anti-middle class, and are well on their way to driving both out of the city.

How is some low-level Green Party hack as a City Council member going to relate the the CEO of one of the remaining Minneapolis based corporations? They're more concerned with throwing more good dollars after bad on the North side, to the detriment of Southwest and downtown. Have you seen some of the projects they've funded on the North side? You'll see glittering palace-like schools, for example, that turn out "D" students, if they show up for class at all.

Here's the answer for Minneapolis, Mr. Dewitt - add ideological balance to the city government for starters. That's what we call "diversity" (a word you can relate to). Put someone in who can allocate resources in a meaningful way, and hire someone to come in and clean up failed programs, cutting the fat along the way. Move the pork to the police department, where it's needed, and let them use it to crush the criminal element.

It'll never happen, of course, but there's your answer.

The city needs a strong dose of common sense, and people who are willing to crack down on crime and the proliferation of criminals. The rest will take care of itself.