Wednesday, December 21, 2005

What do you expect for only $715,000,000.00?

It seems our $715,000,000.00 light rail train system has some problems; one big problem, in particular:

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) This is the time of year for ice dams, and the Hiawatha light rail is no exception. Water that runs into the rail tunnel near Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport is freezing into huge ice dams.
They've dispatched Metro Transit engineers, who have a novel solution:

Metro Transit engineers hope to fix it with a fan.
Should you worry about riding the train?

The photos showed what appeared to be a glacier moving down the tunnel walls and onto the track, filling up the space like an ice-cube tray, with only the top portion of the rails above the ice.
No worries, the fan will fix it. What do you expect for $715,000,000.00?