Wednesday, December 21, 2005

What our children learn in school

Tracy from Anti-Strib has written an insightful and thought-provoking post titled "Intelligent Design, Freedom and the Schools". Here are two paragraphs that get to the crux of why conservatives either leave their children in, or pull their children out, of a given school in many cases:

We all need to consider what and “education” is. I’d prefer to have my child exposed to a variety of ideas and opinions. People may disagree with ID, but why prohibit the discussion at all? I can count numerous things that are currently taught that I’d rather not have my kid deal with, but the liberals have jammed their agenda onto the curriculum.

I’d prefer that my kids learn the “homeless people are bums that made bad choices. They are not unlucky people that society owes an apology and endless handouts. I’d prefer to teach them that gay people are fine, but their lifestyle is non-ideal and should not be emulated. I’d rather have them learn that the Unites States is a greatest nation on earth, not that we are a global bully. I’d want them to know that hard work pays off and that many people are poor because they make poor choices. I want them to know that Communism and Socialism have never worked and are responsible for more deaths than Hitler, the black plague or even war.
Well said.