Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Minneapolis Po Po and the politician

City Pages weekly, the socialist rag of the Twin Cities that used to have a shred of decency back in the day, takes yet another opportunity to bash "the man", in this case the Minneapolis police:

"To Serve and Disrespect" The MPD strikes again, this time detaining a legislator's son for hours

Can you tell by the headline where this one is going? You know, it's odd how in neighborhoods infested with criminals, in many cases black criminals when in North Minneapolis or Phillips and it's environs, that sometimes police, in the course of crime investigation, scoop up suspects for questioning or holding until questions get resolved.

It seems that the son of Rep. Neva Walker (DFL-Minneapolis), Shea Walker, got himself caught up in such a predicament. He was seen in the company of named suspect emerging from a residence for which the police had a warrant, and were sitting on and looking for, well, mopes like the two that were there - Shea and Brysan Ali Rogers.

City Pages admits that since charges were ultimately not filed, the police report is non-public, but they nevertheless draw the conclusion that young Shea was held for investigative purposes "despite the absence of evidence" that he may have had a role in a neighborhood robbery.

The police, however, had a warrant to search a residence from which Shea Walker and Brysan Ali Rogers emerged. Is it possible there is probable cause to detain subjects who were exiting an address under surveillance and under search warrant?

To her credit, Rep Walker is keeping relatively quiet while the noise emanates from City Pages and Police Community Relations Council member Ron Edwards, NVS (ed. - "NVS" hereinafter denoting No Visible Means of Support).

This is a non-story, published for sensationalist purposes by cop-hating liberals at City Pages. Rambix asks: Where's the beef?